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Vayu - Aura X (ALUULA®)

Vayu - Aura X (ALUULA®)

Designed to set a new standard in the world of wingfoiling, the Vayu Aura X is an unstoppable force, embodying the sheerstrength, speed, and remarkable lightness of a true athlete on the water. With its unparalleled performance and cutting-edge design, this wing is not only a game-changer but also a testament to the innovation power of Vayu and ALUULA®. Whether you’re carving through waves, executing jaw-dropping freestyle manoeuvres, embarking on exhilarating downwinders, or aiming to reach new end speeds, the Aura X is the ultimate companion for every wingfoiler seeking the pinnacle of performance.


For riders seeking the pinnacle of wingfoiling exhilaration, the Aura X’s unmatched responsiveness, neutral flight and impressive speeds will ignite your senses, delivering the ultimate adrenaline rush. The blend of cutting-edge technology and meticulousness is a testament to our commitment to innovation and pushing the industry’s boundaries.


(Vayu Wing Designer)



Key Features


Exchangeable Soft / Carbon Handles.


X-Ply windows Lighter, Stiffer, No deforming in cold/warm weather.


Wider Wingspan for enhanced neutrality & power.


More forward profile for faster acceleration.


Ultra light & thinner tubes


New Vayu Segmented Slim-Strut design


Premium Japanese Teijin R2 Ridstop Canopy


Industry standard SUP Valves for everyone

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