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Red Fuselage + Cover

Red Fuselage + Cover

Formerly known as the S-Series, the Red fuselages offer multiple fuselage sizes for different types of riding. It has been designed to have an incredibly strong connection to any size wings to create a very direct feel from your feet to the front wing with room to wingle. This direct connection with the mast is the most important part of foiling. 


Compatible with larger BSC and PNG series wings and both the Aluminium and Carbon masts. Available in Standard, Short, Ultrashort, Crazyshort sizes. The longer the fuselage the more stable the ride, the shorter the fuselage the looser and quicker the setup will feel.


With the modular nature of the AXIS system, it’s easy to progress to shorter fuselage lengths over time without having to change any other component. As you imporve, you might want a transition to a shorter fuse for more maneuverability. 

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