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Hybrid Downwind Foilboards

Hybrid Downwind Foilboards

The AXIS Hybrid is a novel new concept for Axis, aimed at real world riders who want to enjoy the downwind experience without having to commit to one dedicated board for that purpose.


The hybrid can be used for light wind winging, SUP foiling, downwind and more.


Constructed with EPS core, full carbon and a tough PVC sandwich layer on the EVA deck area only, these boards are built to be light for optimised performance.

A super high-density foam block encases the mast tracks and is sandwiched between the EVA deck area and bottom laminate.


Available in:

6'6 x 26", 120L

6'4 x 24", 110L

6'2 x 23", 100L

6'0 x 22", 90L

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