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Froth Wing Foilboards

Froth Wing Foilboards

AXIS froth is famous for its perfect balance between performance, early lift and ease of ride – a stable platform that packs plenty of volume into a short length to reduce swing weight and increase your fun while sup or wingfoiling.


The newest froth retains this personality, some important design changes have been made – reflecting the movement towards higher aspect, lower drag foil designs that require more speed to lift-off.


First off, they have eliminated the angled cut-away on the tail and went for a clean flat tail. This increases the length of the planing surface to increase sub-foiling speed potential.


The rail bevel has also been reduced  – in fact it now fades out completely at the tail adding more width to the planing surface and straightening the water flow for even faster acceleration up to foiling speed.


Also noticeable is the pulled in nose with rounded outline, to reduce the chances of catching in rougher water, compared to the more square nose from 2021. They increased the thickness and volume up onn the nose too, to maintain a balance in buoyancy that will give you stability when on your knees or stepping up to get going.


A new deck concave gives your feet and toes improved leverage when initiating turns, while feeling safe and secure in a straight line when riding without straps.


The unique tail pad design ensures any water captured in the concave, flows freely out the back.

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